EarlyShares is an equity based crowdfunding platform that will transform how capital is allocated to small businesses in the United States. The company was founded in late 2011 with the belief that when small businesses and enterprising individuals have the necessary capital to pursue their passions, they drive progress, create jobs and generate economic growth across our nation.

Currently, there is an enormous gap between the capital that business owners require to build their businesses and the availability of that capital. Data shows that less than 2% of small businesses seeking equity capital receive it through traditional channels, and debt financing continues to be limited.

By leveraging technology, social media and the opportunities embedded in the JOBS Act legislation, EarlyShares fills this gap by connecting business owners to investors and communities, who are then given the opportunity to invest in companies, support projects, earn rewards and interact with each other in an efficient, SEC and FINRA regulated, trusted and secure environment. Since inception, EarlyShares has earned significant traction. EarlyShares is utilizing the reward functionality for the marketing purposes of building traction, users and activity on the site. The core business is based on equity crowdfunding.

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