A holding company with the network and capital of a global corporation our interests are diverse:

• 500 + employees
• 2 continents
• 4 billion of debt and equity raised
• 39,000,000 Sq. Ft. acquired
• 374 buildings currently owned and managed

Brutten Global dates back to 1978 when Marc Brutten first purchased investment real estate at the same time he was operating two service businesses in San Diego County. It was at this point that the transition was commenced into a property investment and administration business. Brutten thereafter consistently applied the principles of value creation to each real estate or operating business that he acquired or created. This relationship oriented and solution driven approach to business has led to the expansion of the families business interests to property, banking, private equity, professional sports and structured finance.

Brutten Global’s formation was centered on the family’s move to Europe in 2005 and its subsequent expansion of its real estate investment platforms in London, Switzerland and Austria. As BG approaches its 35th year milestone it has completed its transition from a family business into a financial and corporate enterprise.